Why the sea and the honeybee? Well, we thought about it and, "Nine wild sea veggies & raw organic aloe vera for optimal health," seemed like quite a mouthful. Plus, the honorable little honeybee works well as our mascot.

See, we do things differently here—always sweet and simple.  We believe that you deserve our respect and that’s why you’ll never hear any pressure about anything from us.  We are here to get you what you need to give your life an extra buzz of excitement and vitality. We’ve got products and a business that are positively bursting with wholesome goodness.

Call us old fashioned, but we still believe in customer service, personal conversations and unwavering integrity. We have local teammates across the country ready to help you, wherever you are.  Thank you for supporting all our families who are working together, choosing to do business in a kinder, gentler way.


Welcome to our world and buzz happy—you're safe here!

We'll answer any questions you have.

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